One of the reasons why our league has been so successful is due the tireless work that the league committee put in on a weekly basis throughout the season year in and year out. Our committee do not get paid, they do this voluntarily and for the love of the game and your benefit.

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If you have a specific query then please address it to the relevant person within the league in order to give you the quickest answer.


honouring ouR

previous league officers

Honorary President

2008-Present  Mr J. Motson O.B.E


1966-1993  Mr D. Adams

1993-2008  Mr J. Motson O.B.E

2008-2010  Mr P Sharp

2010-Present  Mr B. Barnes


1966-2000  Mr R. Lewis

1966-1971  Mr A. Godfrey

1966-1971  Mr F. Hall

1971-2014  Mr A. Elms

1971-2000  Mr P. Spurgeon

1972-2000  Mr J.A. Lang

1975-2000  Mr A.W. Harris

1978-2000  Mr E.G. Hutchinson

1982-2014  Mr D. Scott

1985-2001  Mr S.F. Sheehan

1990-2014  Mr J.W. Marlow

1993-2014  Mr W. Chapman

1993-2014  Mr K. Pennery

1995-1996  Mr D. Spouse

2000-2014  Mr B.S. Green

2001-2014  Mr A. Miles

2002-2014  Mr A. Reade

2003-2009  Mr P. Broomfield

2003-2014  Mr M. Caustin

2006-2014  Mr A. Silvey

2006-2014  Mr R. Jones

2006-2014  Mr R. Pratt

2006-2014  Mr G. Mitchell

2006-2014  Mr B. Barnes

2008-  Mr R. Murphy

2008-  Mr T. Taylor

2008-  Mr B. Bernini


1966-1984  Mr S Sheehan

1985-1994  Mr D. Spouse

1995-2005  Mr R. Jones

2009-  Mr T. Taylor


1968-1971   Mr R. Lewis

1972-1977   Mr D. Spouse

1978-1981   Mr J. Main

1982-1984   Mr D. Spouse

1985-1994   Mr H.M. Prest

1995-2001   Mr M. Caustin

1997-1999   Mr B. Barnes

2000-2016   Mr A. MacLaren

General Secretary

1966-1967   Mr F. Perkins

1967-1994   Mr H.M. Prest

1994-1999   Mr B. Green

1999-2002   Mr B. Barnes

2002-2005   Mr R. Pratt

2005-2006   Mr B. Barnes

2006-2007   Mr P. Broomfield

2007-   Mr R. Martin


1966-1967   Mr F. Perkins

1967-1970   Mr G. Owen

1970-1971   Mr J.A. Lang

1971-1977   Mr D. Spouse

1977-1982   Mr D. Scott

1982-1985   Mr D. Spouse

1985-1995   Mr B. Barnes

1995-2006   Mr A. Silvey

2006-2007   Mr A. Reade

2007-2008   Mr P. Broomfield

2008-2015   Mr R. Murphy

2015-   Mr R. Martin

Registration Secretary

1966-1967   Mr A. Hunter

1967-1968   Mr R. Perkins

1968-1974   Mr H.M. Prest

1974-1992   Mr K. Pennery

1992-1993   Mr G.J. Odonoghue

1993-1995   Mr H.M. Prest

1995-1997   Mr B. Barnes

1997-1998   Mr A. MacLaren

1998-2000   Mr B. Barnes

2000-2006   Mr K. Pennery

2006-2009   Mrs S. Bellinger

2009-   Mr B. Bernini

Referees Secretary

1966-1967   Mr Else

1967-1986   Mr W. Chapman

1986-1988   Mr R.J. Murphy

1988-1990   Mr W. Chapman

1990-1994   Mr B.S. Green

1994-1996   Mr D. Long

1996-1998   Mr B. Green

1998-2001   Mr P. Broomfield

2001-2003   Mr R. Jones

2003-2005   Mr C. Tanti

2005-2009   Mr B. Bernini

2009-2012   Mr P. Howard

2012-2014   Mr J. Keane

2014-2015   Mr G. Thomas

2015-   Mr D. Thomas

Fixture Secretary

1968   Mr