Should your Club receive a Notice Of Intended Fine letter from the Management Committee (as per the Table Of League Fines below), please note the following procedures.


1.   A ‘Master’ excel spreadsheet covering the whole season will be kept by the Fines Secretary titled ‘Proposed Fines Master Spreadsheet 2019-2020’. On that spreadsheet will be columns in the following order….
– A fine reference number (starting from No.1 onwards)
– The offending TEAM’s name (as opposed to the club)
– The reason for the fine
– The date of the offence
– The Rule number (from the ‘handbook’)
– The proposed/recommended fine amount
– The date the fine notice was issued to the club. (This is then replaced with the date of the subsequent invoice if/when issued).
– The due date for the fine to be paid (14 days after the INVOICE is sent out).
– The date the fine was paid
– A ‘comment’ column for ‘Withdrawn’ (By M.C. members), ‘Letter’ (Mitigation), ‘Hearing’ (in front of M.C.), ‘Appeal’ (against the M.C. decision) or any other necessary information to be entered.

2.   A weekly report (ideally on a Friday) from each M.C. member as follows needs to be e-mailed or WhatsApped to the Fines Secretary….
Records Secretary… Listing proposed fines regarding WhatsApped Match Form and/or Full-Time/Matchday App online entry lateness/not received/missing information/fielding an ineligible player.
Fixtures & Results Secretary… Listing Teams failing to fulfil a fixture / failing to confirm a fixture with opponents / failing to text in a result before the deadline.
Note: If a team fails to fulfil a fixture and immediately admits the offence, the Fixtures Secretary must notify all other M.C. members (in addition to the Fines Secretary) as soon as possible via e-mail or WhatsApp and obtain majority consent before awarding the match to the guilty team’s opponents on Full-Time.
M.C. members will be given 24 hours to reply but will not be allowed to vote if the fixture in question affects their own club.

Referees Secretary… Listing Home teams not confirming with the Ref / not paying the Ref / various misdemeanours reported (online) by the Refs…late kick-off, no match balls, etc. / No Referees marks given by clubs (reported in liaison with the Records Secretary).
Note: Abandonments reported by Referees are to be immediately notified to both the Fixtures Secretary (for fixture re-arrangements) and the General Secretary (if for misconduct).
General Secretary….Clubs failing to attend meetings / Withdrawal from the League fines / Failing to deal with other League directives. Treasurer…A weekly download (preferably an excel file or PDF) of payments received from clubs. Online and cheque/cash.

These will then be added to the spreadsheet.

Each proposed fine listed for the Fines Secretary by an M.C. member needs to include Date of Offence, TEAM name (not Club) & Description of Offence as a minimum.

3.   Approximately 7 days before the first working week of each month, the Fines Secretary will e-mail ‘Notice of Intended Fine’ PDF’s (including screenshots of the offences if necessary) to offending clubs who have not yet been charged, giving them 7 days to e-mail details of any mitigating circumstances (with proof as attachments if necessary) to the Fines Secretary at if they do not accept the charge(s) listed or if they accept the charge(s) but feel they have been harshly dealt with.
If necessary, these charges will include Notice Of Additional Fines under Rule 6(i) for non-payment of previous fines invoices.
The date that these ‘Notice of Intended Fine’ PDF’s are sent out will be entered on the master spreadsheet.
A message will be put on the BSFL Club Admin WhatsApp Group listing the clubs in question, advising them to check their e-mail inboxes.
Letters of mitigation received are then forwarded on to the relevant League Officer(s) who has proposed the fine, and that particular officer ONLY will decide whether to withdraw the charge(s) or have them discussed and voted on by the League’s Disciplinary Committee. The Fines Secretary will then update the ‘comments’ column on the master spreadsheet and advise the club.
The League Disciplinary Committee will consist of the Fines Secretary plus 2-3 other Management Committee members whose clubs are not affected by the charges that are being contested. (2-3 depends on whether the Fines Secretary’s club is affected). Members of the Disciplinary Committee will change during the season when required so that different persons hear cases involving clubs who have already previously appeared before the Committee.

4.   If a Notice Of Intended Fine letter needs to be issued urgently due to a proposed charge affecting the arrangement of forthcoming fixtures (e.g. Cup matches involving the awarding of a game for a non-fulfilment of fixture where the offending team wishes to contest that proposal), then it will be sent to the club as soon as the Fines Secretary is notified, with the date of issue being entered on the master spreadsheet. If the club wishes to submit mitigation concerning the charge, then the Disciplinary Committee will make a decision via WhatsApp or e-mail either immediately the mitigation is received or arrange a meeting as soon as possible should the club request a personal hearing.

5.   After the 7 days notice of protest/appeal have elapsed after sending out the ‘Notice Of Intended Fines’ letters, a spreadsheet will then be created from the Proposed Fines Master Spreadsheet consisting of all previous fines that have not yet been paid, plus any proposed fines that need to be voted on. These are then e-mailed or WhatsApped to the rest of the Disciplinary Committee by the Fines Secretary for decisions to be made. (A Disciplinary Committee WhatsApp Group will be set up for this purpose). Should a club request a personal hearing to present their evidence against the charge(s), then the Disciplinary Committee will meet in person.

6.   Fines INVOICES (with 14 days to pay) will then be sent out by e-mail the following day to all clubs who have not had newly-proposed fines withdrawn or have received additional fines under Rule 6(i) for non-payment of previously-issued fines. The date of issue on the master spreadsheet will be changed to the date that the invoice(s) are e-mailed out, with the ‘Due Date’ (15 days later) being entered in the next column.

A message will be put on the BSFL Club Admin WhatsApp Group listing the clubs in question, advising them to check their e-mail inboxes and pay their invoices. The same 4-digit codes as are used for texting in results to Full-Time will be given to the clubs to use as a reference on their online payments. (All clubs should now be familiar with these codes).

Clubs will be asked to e-mail or WhatsApp the Fines Secretary to confirm when they have made payment, and that will then be checked by the League Treasurer. The Fines Secretary will then update the master spreadsheet with the paid in date.
Clubs who have their proposed fines withdrawn by the Disciplinary Committee will be advised by WhatsApp or e-mail by the Fines Secretary.

7.   If additional fines for non-payment are not paid within 14 days, the club will be suspended with fixtures that have already been arranged for them being awarded to their opponents until such time as they clear their debts. The General Secretary will deal with clubs who fail to pay additional fines.

8.   Appeals against fines passed by the Disciplinary Committee will need to be sent to the Fines Secretary by e-mail and will require a £10.00 deposit to be paid into the League account online using the club’s 4-digit code as the reference. Clubs will be asked to e-mail or WhatsApp the Fines Secretary to confirm when they are lodging an appeal and have made payment, and that will then be checked by the League Treasurer. The Fines Secretary will then update the master spreadsheet with the paid in date and a date for the hearing will be arranged by the General Secretary, who will then notify the club. The Appeals Committee will consist of three different Management Committee members to that of which formed the Disciplinary Committee that passed the fine. The General Secretary will notify the club of the Appeals Committee’s decision and arrange for the refund of the £10.00 deposit should they win the appeal. If the club loses the appeal, they will have 14 days to pay from the date of the appeals hearing. (Rule 6(i) again).

9.   Regarding MATCHES ABANDONED DUE TO MISCONDUCT, these are firstly dealt with by the County Football Association(s) that the participating clubs are affiliated to. Once the County has charged a particular club with misconduct, the League Management Committee will be informed by the League General Secretary and the Disciplinary Committee will then vote on whether to award the match to the opposing team, replay the game or remove both clubs from the Competition. The League General Secretary will then issue a ‘Notice Of Charge Relating To Abandoned Match’ letter by e-mail to the club concerned, informing them that they have been charged based on the County FA’s findings and what the Disciplinary Committee’s decision is. The club then has seven days to accept the charge or appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision by paying a £10.00 deposit and asking the General Secretary to arrange a hearing in front of the Appeals Committee.
If the club then loses the appeal, they will lose their deposit and also be liable to pay costs (up to £30.00) for the hire of the room.
Note: The League cannot impose a fine on clubs for abandoned matches caused by misconduct. Only the County FA’s can issue fines for such offences. (See S.C.O.R. Rule 20E (v)).

10.   Regarding MATCHES ABANDONED DUE TO INJURIES, THE WEATHER or other factors beyond both clubs control, if over 75 minutes has been played, then the result at the time of the abandonment will stand. A replay will be arranged if less than 75 minutes has been played. If it is a Cup match and the scores are level when over 75 mins have been played, then there will be a replay.







All Referees marks are to be kept as a record on Full-Time. Clubs must submit these marks by a Thursday evening after a match, either on their WhatsApp/e-mailed teamsheet sent to the Records Secretary OR by logging in to Full-Time to enter their marks themselves.

The Records Secretary will enter marks from the supplied teamsheets into Full-Time if clubs have not done it themselves and, in liaison with the Referees Secretary, report clubs to the Fines Secretary if they fail to give a mark using either method..



Both teams, Home & Away, must bring and use their own triplicate carbonated A4-size teamsheets (in the form of pre-printed notepads provided by the League) for every BSFL League and League Cup match played. The completed middle copy must be given to the Referee and the bottom copy given to the opposing team before the match kicks-off. Failure to bring a triplicate teamsheet to a match and use one, or a refusal to present completed copies to the Referee and opponents shall result in a £25.00 fine.

NOTE: All teams are advised to bring spare teamsheets with them to give to their opponents if they genuinely forget to bring them. This will be in your team’s interests if you want to check if your opponents are playing unregistered players.  



Clubs must submit their starting line-up & substitutes used, plus their goalscorers and a sportsmanship mark for their opponents either by Whatsapping/e-mailing their teamsheet to the Records Secretary and/or by logging in to Full-Time to enter the information themselves.

Failure to submit this information using either method within 24 hours of the match finishing shall result in an £8.00 fine.



Failure to submit this information using either method by the Thursday evening after a match or at all shall result in a £25.00 fine.

NOTE:This fine will be in additionto the ‘Failure To Use A Teamsheet’ fine if Full-Time is not used.



Referees will be reporting how many players were used for each side. Clubs shall be fined if there are players missing from the supplied teamsheet/Full-Time entered information, and/or if illegible handwriting is used instead of printing full names in block letters, if goalscorers and/or a sportsmanship mark are not entered, and/or if the headings for the match are incomplete on the form.



All clubs must ensure they download an updated PDF of their currently registered players photo ID’s from the Whole Game System for every match, and then if requested to do so, e-mail or WhatsApp the PDF to the opposing Club Secretary or Team Manager before the match commences. Failure to do so when requested shall result in a £25.00 fine.

NOTE (Regarding Teamsheets):It will be up to the teams themselves to make sure their opponents give them a copy of their teamsheet before the kick-off and that the players named match the shirt numbers on the teamsheet and the ID photos obtained from the Whole Game System.

Video or photographic evidence will then be required by the League Disciplinary Committee as proof that an ineligible player played in the match.

We hope that all of the above procedures listed above and the fines imposed for them will prove to be a very strong deterrent.



Plus match awarded to opponents and three points deducted


£25.00 MAX

£25 fine (plus £40.00 Referee’s Fee if he turns up) if the cry-off is on the morning of the match

£20 fine if the cry-off is on a Saturday

£15 fine if the cry-off is on a Friday

£10 fine if the cry-off is on a Thursday or before.



Now applies to both Home and Away teams. Either Full-Time’s SMS reply service, a Full-Time login or the FA Matchday app must be used.







WITHDRAWAL FROM THE LEAGUE (11A…Between 31st March & AGM / 11B..After AGM or During Season)