LEAGUE CUP DRAWS -  NEW (11.12.18)

The latest round of League Cup draws have now been made at a League Management Committee Meeting held on Monday 10th December. These are for the Quarter-Finals of the JUNIOR CUP, the Third Round (last 16) of the SENIOR CUP, and the First & Second Rounds of the CHALLENGE CUP, which is for all teams in the Premier Division & Division One apart from Roving Reporters, who are currently experiencing some difficulties and have decided to opt out.
The draws were filmed and you can now view them in their entirety here on You Tube:
Fixtures will be arranged after Christmas for these Cup Draws that have just taken place.
All Cup Draws can be viewed from the Cup Draws page on this website.


We have pleasure in confirming that Alex Clayton has agreed to take on the role of League Honorary Secretary with immediate effect.

Alex replaces Richard Martin, who will assume the role of Assistant Secretary in addition to continuing in his role as Treasurer.

Richard has been and continues to be a valuable member of the League Management Committee and we thank him for his Secretarial duties for the League over many years.

We congratulate Alex on his new role with the League and we wish him a lengthy stay on the Management Committee.
The current League Management Committee can be viewed in full from the Management Committee page on this website.
We are always looking for new people to join the League Management Committee as Club Representatives. Please contact Alex or League Chairman David Cross if you are interested.


Unfortunately, three teams have withdrawn from the League and had their playing record expunged during the past few weeks. These are The Beehive BHP’s First Team in the Premier Division, The Beehive BHP’s Second Team in Division One, and Edmonton Blades, who were also in Division One. The reasons for The Beehive BHP withdrawing their two teams from the top two divisions were complex and it involved a lengthy debate at League Management Committee level before it was decided to allow the club to enter a new team in Division Two for the remainder of the season, this being a division best suited to their remaining players ability. Meanwhile, Edmonton Blades decided to fold due to a lack of players that resulted in not enough income to pay their pitch fees.
The current League Tables can be viewed here on this website.


With so many new teams joining the League this season and a number of new Club Secretaries being appointed for existing member clubs, it is essential that the guidelines laid out under the Club Secretary’s Checklist are referred to on the League Information Page. We also now have a WhatsApp Group for Club Secretaries where we will keep them informed of news and procedures, as well as corresponding by e-mail in the usual manner.


We are very pleased to announce that we have secured the services of a large number of new Referees to officiate in our League this season, mainly through the help of our social media links.
New Referees are still welcome to join us this season. Please follow the instructions on the Referees Page.

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