cup rules

SEASON 2019/20


(A) The Cup Competitions shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Barnet Sunday Football League as contained within the Rules of the League.

(B) All Cup entry fees are included in the Annual Subscription as per Rule 4B. Clubs failing to pay their fees by the due date shall be dealt with as the Management Committee determines.

(C) All teams in the League must enter the League Challenge Cup Competition. The closing date for application will be the 31st August with the First Round draw being made in the first week of September.

(D) League Senior, Intermediate and/or Junior Cup Competitions will be arranged dependent on the number of divisions within the League. All teams from the Premier Division will enter the League Senior Cup. All teams from the bottom division will enter the Junior Cup. All teams from other divisions will enter either the Intermediate Cup or the Junior Cup. The closing date for applications will be the 31st August with the First Round draws being made in the first week of September.

(E) Supplementary Cup competitions may be organized for the months of March, April & May dependent on the number of remaining League fixtures, County Cup fixtures and League Cup fixtures for clubs competing in competitions C & D.
Teams invited to participate will be determined by the Management Committee during February.
Supplementary Cup competitions may be played on either a knockout basis or a group (League) basis.
Teams entering two County Cup competitions will not be allowed to compete in the Supplementary Cup competition.

(F) The maximum time to be played in League Cup matches shall be 90 minutes (45 minutes each-way)  and the minimum time shall be 60 minutes (30 minutes each-way). In the semi-finals and final only, if  a match is drawn after normal time, extra time of 10 or 15 minutes each-way (at the discretion of the Referee) must be played. If the scores are still level after extra time a penalty shoot-out must be played to decide the winners. Kick-off time for all League Cups must be 10.30 a.m. unless determined otherwise by the Fixtures Secretary.

(G) No player shall play for more than one Club or team in the same Cup Competition. A player appearing in any Cup Semi-Final or Final must have played in at least two BSFL league or cup games for their Club in the current season.

(H) Match Officials fees shall be shared equally by the competing Clubs. Pitch expenses to be shared between Clubs, up to a cost of £50 each.

(I) Any team playing an ineligible player shall be ruled out of the Competition and the Club shall be fined a sum to be determined by the Management Committee.

(J) When practicable and depending on the availability of pitches, the Fixtures Secretary shall arrange for the semi-final ties of all League Cup competitions to be played on neutral grounds.

(K) Throughout all League Cup Competitions, the team drawn first will be considered for the purpose of the League Rules to be the ‘home’ Club. This shall also apply in semi-final rounds.

(L) Cup matches shall be played. In the event of a club failing to keep its engagement, the Management Committee shall have powers to inflict a fine, award the tie to opponents, or otherwise deal with them at their discretion. The Management Committee shall have the power to order Cup matches to be played on a neutral ground or on the opponents ground if they are satisfied that such action is warranted in  the circumstances.